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How to configure a custom IdentityUser for Entity-Framework

I am getting accustomed to the ASP.NET Identity framework and let me just say that I love it. No more boring hassle with user accounts: all the traditional stuff is already there. However often you’ll find yourself wanting to expand on the default IdentityUser class and add your own fields to it. This was my use case as well here and since I couldn’t find any clear instructions on how this is done exactly, I decided to dive into it especially for you! Well, maybe a little bit for me as well.


How to unit test your OWIN-configured OAuth2 implementation

Unit testing your OAuth2 API


Unit testing Web API routes and parameter validation

Let’s talk about routing. If you’ve ever developed a web application then you know the hassle you have with the constant “Resource not found” or “Multiple actions match the request” errors. What if I told you you could fix all this without ever having to open a browser? That’s right: we’ll unit test our routes! As an added bonus I’ll also show how you can unit test parameter validation since that’s probably one of the most important things to do when creating a (public) API.